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Let me be among the first to congratulate you on your coming marriage.  I'm sure the wedding will be nothing short of amazing. 

I can say that with confidence because you are reading this. 

It means you are only a few minutes away from learning the best possible way to make your big day an event to remember for a lifetime.

We have tons of information about getting married, articles, the 'Wonderful Marriage' video, and our ebooks for you.

Here is a taster:

 However, our "So You're Getting Married" eBook isn't any ordinary eBook, because it also comes to you as an mp3 audio file. Listen to the audio on your iPod, put it on a CD and listen on your car radio - the possibilities are endless!

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You've fallen in love, become engaged and have set the date for your wedding.

Take the stress Out of Wedding Planning with our Marriage Guide.Now you are faced with the frightening task of planning your wedding and reception, organizing catering and music, selecting and ordering the flowers and sending out invites.

The idea of an ideal wedding varies from couple to couple, but there is not any need to feel overcome. The very first thing to do is debate your wedding with your fiance so that you can work out what you both desire and how you need to approach your wedding plans.

If you have spent any period of time fantasizing about your wedding day, you might find that really planning what you had imagined lots more troublesome than you predicted. The significant thing is to take some time and to spend sufficient time in the planning stage and exploring numerous options before you start spending cash.

Remember that there are lots of different venues, caterers, florists and other firms you'll need to use for your wedding, and you do not want to commit to one right away.

Research prices for the greatest deals and wherever feasible, select places that permit you to get a repayment on your deposit, so you have the choice of going in another direction without wrecking your position. This can also help you to find the most reasonable prices and discounts available in the different areas of your wedding plans. There aren't any boundaries when referring to wedding themes, they can go from an easy beach rite to a wild circus theme, and depends totally on what your Couple Just Married. All the steps to getting married are in our Marriage Guide.private style is.

If you have selected a theme or motif already, and do not understand how to proceed, you might like to talk to a pro, especially if what you need is difficult or out of the ordinary.

If you're more inquisitive about something traditional, you can find it better and less costly to enroll aid from a good friend.

By dividing jobs between you, your finance and one or 2 helping hands, you'll get things done much faster and have plenty of fun in the midst.

Ensure you make your bookings and deposits early to make sure you get everything you need. While you remain practical as regards what you can attain and you're able to plan within your means, you'll save a lot of disappointment.

Remember that you and your fiance are what will actually make your day special...

So how do people that enjoy their weddings do it?

They take advice. They learn and they plan, and they use resources like the Marriage Guide with its clear advice.

To buy the Marriage Guide "So Your'e Getting Married ": Steps to Get Married eBook.

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The Wonders of Marriage in poetic language
Watch: "Marriage the Wonderful Journey" video here.

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So, You're Getting Married is a com-prehensive guide to tying the knot the right way. It starts with planning a proposal and ends in the couple's first home together. It's an A to Z overview of how to plan, handle, execute and enjoy your big day.
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