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California Beach Weddings

California is a beautiful state bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which serves as a gorgeous backdrop for all types of activities and events year round. The smell of salt water, a soft wind blowing, and sand between your toes as you sit listening to the waves rolling in. Absolutely rejuvenating yet relaxing all at once. Even if you’re surrounded by people, you’re having a unique experience all your own that will remain with you forever. This is one of the reasons why California beach weddings are so popular. The ocean is a powerful presence, and it is both captivating and romantic, very much like a true love story. Must have something to do with why California beach weddings are so popular.   A califorinia beach wedding can be enjoyable and so memorable for all.

To locate the most popular beaches in the state and the top wedding sites, visit www.beachcalifornia.com. The perfect California beach wedding complete with arch laden with intertwined rose vines, is the perfect setting for a romantic exchange of vows. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from for a memorable day. One of San Diego’s finest beach resorts, the L’Auberge Del Mar Resort and Spa located north of the city off the historic coast highway, is an ideal setting for the perfect California wedding by the sea.

For more information search for weddings at the resort you prefer, and to take care of the creative aspects of your celebration ask whether the resort employs a Director of Romance, who is available upon request.

Couples should also check out beautiful California beach weddings in Mendocino where there are perfect settings at private sandy beaches, and local businesses that specialize in destination weddings and all the details, including catering, floral services, formal clothing, entertainment, and more.

There are many businesses that are dedicated to providing professional wedding services for all budgets and tastes. All-inclusive California beach wedding packages are another popular option for couples featured on www.sandiegodestinationweddings.com , and offering a basic wedding package starting at $495 (Spring 2007) that includes a personalized romantic wedding ceremony, decorations at the beach, and keepsake sand container.

Small weddings and larger gathering packages are available where up to one hundred guests can be accommodated, however, some cities may require a special day use permit for the wedding, and parking could be an issue.

Shuttle buses may be an option that is available to eliminate any parking problems, and your guests will thank you for it. It’s a very special day and nothing should ruin it, especially lack of parking.

We suggest that you enlist the help of a professional wedding coordinator to avoid wedding day nightmares; you’ll more than likely be glad you did! 

If you still need convincing that a beach wedding is worth considering read the following feedback from a recent web site visitor:-

I see that 'Steps to Get Married' is recommending beach weddings. This is a good idea. Let me tell you of my wedding.

As a little girl, I loved the beach. I loved sitting on the beach just staring out at the ocean. I found it to be incredibly serene and powerful. I always imagined myself getting married on the beach. From the time I was 10 years old, I was determined that someday I would be having a beach wedding. I carried that idea with me all the way through my college years. So, when my boyfriend slipped a ring on my finger, my mind was already thinking ahead to how I was finally going to have my dream beach wedding.

My fiancé wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of a beach wedding. The closest beach to our hometown was three hours away. While I realized that having a beach wedding would mean it was limiting the number of guests that would actually attend, I was still determined. After debating for several months on setting a date, he was still not thrilled. However, since he knew that it would make me happy, he caved in. I was celebrating - my beach wedding would finally take place!

I found a lovely inn that was located directly on the beach. In order to have my wedding there, it was required that I reserve all of the guests rooms for the weekend. That wasn't very cheap but we were in love with the little inn, so we agreed.

I was assigned a wedding coordinator who was more than happy to take control of my beach wedding plans. She began to go over lots of details with me that I had never thought about when it came to exchanging my vows on the sand.

She said that I really should get married in the morning because of the position of the sun. No one wanted photos taken with everyone squinting and the sun being in our eyes the entire time. Or, she said that it would have to be late evening since I had chosen the summer to get married. In the late evening, the sun wouldn't be much of an issue either. While I knew that there is usually always a breeze at the beach, I had not thought about that in regards to how it would affect a beach wedding. I hadn't thought about my hair blowing or my dress not staying in one place. I hadn't thought about the sand blowing around either.

Because of all of the factors that had been brought to my attention, I had to adjust my thoughts on buying a dress and how I'd wear my hair. I bought a dress that was a bit more form fitting and didn't have a long train. I opted to not wear a veil and wore my hair in an elegant bun. I chose to not decorate the chairs with flowers and ribbons, but decorated the inside reception instead. I made everything taking place on the beach very simply and hassle-free.

Our wedding turned out to be absolutely perfect. If you're planning a beach wedding, make sure to plan accordingly. You may have to adjust some of your plans in order to make things as simple and perfect as possible. Trust me though, it is worth it.

Love Julie