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Fun Activities to Plan and Do: Engagement and wedding fun and activities 


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Steps to getting married - Making sure you will all pull in the same direction!

  • Fun Marriage Ideas for Your Children
    Fun Marriage Ideas for Your Children Whether it’s a first or second marriage, getting children involved with the wedding events and activities is a great way to create a valuable and memorable...
  • Fun Wedding Photo Ideas
    Pictures are an integral part of any wedding. Newlyweds are usually thrilled to get the result of their Fun Wedding Photo Ideas back from the photographer
  • Engagement Party Games
    The engagement party gemes for breaking the ice when families of the couple will get to know one another - many possibly for the first time.
  • Marriage Quiz
    Marriage Quiz: Looking for a fun marriage quiz? Here it is. 1. You just realized you falsely accused your spouse of leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Do you admit you were wrong: A. Within a minute...
  • Marriage quotes the where and how of it
    Marriage quotes the where and how of it! Marriage quotes can describe the institution of marriage, or they can deal with the topic of love and romance in general. They are easy to find and have a...
  • Ways to Date Your Spouse
    10 Ways to Date Your Spouse: A truly special date is one that you and your spouse are going to remember for years. When planning a special date, it is important to plan memorable activities to ensure...
  • Writing your own marriage vows
    Writing your own marriage vows: Writing your own marriage vows may sound perfectly romantic when planning your wedding. You may picture yourself speaking eloquent words to your loved one while your...
  • Bridal Shower Games
    If you're hosting a bridal shower, there are literally hundreds of bridal shower games to choose from. Some are silly, some are serious, but all are fun.