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Fun Activities to Plan and Do: Engagement and wedding games and activities

We hope that you will enjoy planning and organising some of the  activities suggested here. If you have more ideas just email us and we will consider adding all good clean fun and enjoyable activities.

Marriage quotes the where and how of it!

Marriage quotes can describe the institution of marriage, or they can deal with the topic of love and romance in general.

They are easy to find and have a multitude of uses in your wedding plans.

Finding Marriage Quotes

The Internet is a great source for marriage quotes. There are dozens of websites devoted to collecting the best thoughts on the topic. The downside to finding your quote online is that everyone else can, too.

You're not going to find something unique and personal in these lists of oft-repeated favorites. Songs are a favorite source of marriage quotes.

Musicians have long turned to the wonders of love for inspiration, so you're sure to find some useful ideas in the lyrics of your favorite songs. As an added bonus, songs that otherwise might not be suitable for a wedding because of the music style can be included in their written form. Books and magazines are another great place to search for marriage quotes.

You might want to start with the classics for inspiration. For instance, Shakespeare's sonnets and plays have been heralding romance for centuries. However, don't underestimate the abilities of modern writers. Even celebrity magazine interviews can offer interesting thoughts on the power of love and the allure of marriage.

Your favorite movies and television shows can have surprisingly profound things to say about marriage and love. Keep an ear open as you watch romantic comedies and dramas.

Using Marriage Quotes

You can start wedding preparations on a romantic note by including one or two great marriage quotes on your invitation. These words will stand out amongst the standard formal invitation language.


Make a fun game out of them at your bridal shower. One idea is to jumble the words of a famous, or not-so-famous, quote about marriage and then ask your guests to create a coherent sentence out of them.

You can make this an individual effort, with each person receiving several quotes to decipher, and award a prize to the person who does the best job of unscrambling the words.

You can also turn this in to a cooperative game and give each guest one part of the quote. They must then work together to put the words in the correct order and read the finished product out loud.

This can serve as a great icebreaker for the beginning of the shower if your guests don't know each other well. You could also ask shower attendees to guess which famous figures spoke or wrote a selection of unidentified quotes.

Frame your wedding program with words of love and marriage. It will give your guests some thoughts to ponder as they witness the ceremony and draw them in to reading your program more carefully.

Marriage quotes make great additions to reception toasts. While everyone certainly wants to hear the best man's personal thoughts on the loving couple, think of how nicely a beautifully worded quote would complement his own words. Use romantic quotes as decorations at your reception.

You can print short sentences on ribbon or strips of paper and scatter them around the tables. Create poster-size prints of several quotes in a romantic font and hang them on the walls or place them on serving tables.

Add one to your guests' place cards or napkins. These thoughts can add a small romantic accent no matter where you place them.

These are just a few possibilities, and you can certainly come up with many more. With a little planning and creativity, you can put marriage quotes to work for you, and use them as part of a memorable wedding day.

We hope you found the ideas in the above article useful.

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