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Ah, can't you just hear the chapel bells ringing? It's that time of the year again. Couples across the country are tying the knot and making those vows. Places to get married. The selction is vast. Tell us about it!There's just something about summer and love. This is the season when everyone is out searching for places to get married.

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Okay, so maybe they're not physically out there doing it. The World-Wide-Web has definitely changed the game a bit. Regardless, we all want to discover those incomparable places to get married so that our special day can be immaculate. After all, we only do this thing once, right?

What do you think are the absolute best places to get married? Does the Caribbean pop into your head, or are you more of a mountain person. I know when I planned my wedding with my bride-to-be, we went back and fourth on this topic. It can be a tad difficult agreeing with someone else on the best places to get married.

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However, we all have to find that middle ground. For example, when we were ready to tie the knot, we both had ideas of what would be ideal. This is why we each sat down separately and planned out a getaway wedding and honeymoon. Then it was time to share preferences.

While she told me all about a destination wedding in Thailand, I sat completely in awe. I simply could not believe she wanted to go clear over there and be married by Buddhist monks. Not that the destination didn't look amazing, or I had to be married in some particular church, but I wasn't expecting that.

On the other hand, my idea was a little more local. I thought it would be choice to head down to Savannah, Georgia for a destination wedding package. We could be married by an official in the historic district and stay at one of the finest Bed and Breakfasts in the state.

This would be an incredible wedding and honeymoon. I'm talking carriage rides through the town, outstanding restaurants, and fun tours of Savannah's history at night.

Apparently my pitch was much better, because she changed her mind and went with my idea. I was completely shocked, but I sure wasn't going to argue. Well, in the end it turned out beautifully. So, have you figured out your favorite places to get married yet?

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