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You CAN Have A Fantastic Wedding That Exceeds Your Dreams While Preparing Yourself For The Beginning Of A Wonderful Marriage That Will Last Happily Ever After!

Don't believe the "Bridezilla" television nonsense, your friends' horror stories or the other naysayers.  You CAN have it all!  Keep reading to learn how you can prepare the perfect wedding and lay the groundwork for an ideal marriage.


From The Desk Of: Steve Last

  Dear Friend,

Let me be among the first to congratulate you on your coming marriage.  I'm sure the wedding will be nothing short of amazing.  I can say that with confidence because you are reading this letter.  That means you are only a few minutes away from learning the best possible way to make your big day an event to remember for a lifetime.

Weddings should be wonderful.  They rank among the most special of occasions.  There's nothing as heartwarming and meaningful as watching two people in love share their appreciation and devotion for one another.  There's something so precious and beautiful about their willingness to share those feelings with friends and loved ones, too.  Weddings should be beautiful and happy days.

Too often, they are nothing short of chaos.  People running this way and that.  Arguments brewing (if not erupting).  Things don't go off as planned.  Feelings are hurt.  That storybook day the couple has dreamed about turns into a bizarre nightmare.

To make things worse, all of that nastiness often occurs right on the heels of months of stress and pressure.  What should be smooth planning process turns into a months-long battle of wills and a series of misunderstandings.

It can get even uglier, at times, after the ceremony.  Too often, new couples haven't done the right things to prepare for their new marriage.  They run right off the aisle and into problems.

There are people who have absolutely marvelous weddings.  The planning isn't even mildly annoying--it's fun for both parties.  The ceremony goes off without any real difficulty.  Those first months of matrimony are nothing short of bliss.

I can guess which version you prefer!  Your probably at least a little worried about whether you'll be able to pull this all of successfully.  I don't want to be negative, but your worries are well-founded.  Thousands of couples have horrible wedding experiences every year.

You see them on television.  Brides screaming and yelling at everyone within earshot.  Disinterested grooms who just want the whole thing to be over and who aren't able to enjoy what should be one of their life's highlights.  It's disheartening to see so many people waste such an amazing opportunity.

Fortunately, not everyone has that kind of negative experience.  What separates the couples who have great weddings from those who agonize through their own public horror movie?  

That's a good question.  So, You're Getting Married was written to answer it.

Here's the answer..

So You Are Getting Married!

So, You're Getting Married is a comprehensive guide to tying the knot the right way.  It starts with planning a proposal and ends in the couple's first home together.  It's an A to Z overview of how to plan, handle, execute and enjoy your big day.

Ever wish someone would just give you a straight answer to your questions instead of making things more complicated than they need to be? Now it is within your grasp!


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    It TOTALLY focussed my mind on making it the ultimate success and I can truly tell you that I am forever grateful to Steve for doing that, and making our wedding day so special.



     The information in So, You're Getting Married will allow you to:

    • Plan and execute a perfect proposal to remember.
    • Select the date for your wedding.
    • Avoid numerous common problems completely and to cut off others before they escalate.
    • Handle the bridesmaid and groomsmen issue.
    • Understand how to handle the question of wedding costs.
    • Prepare for the beginning of your life together.

    AND MORE...

    So, You're Getting Married isn't a scrapbook of remembrances containing a few helpful hints and platitudes about how wonderful a wedding can be.  This ebook gets down to the nitty-gritty, allowing you to build a blueprint for wedding success.  

    It's not a tiny "special report" or an oversimplified look at one or two key factors in wedding planning.  This is an information-rich resource that will allow you to experience the glorious wedding you've wanted for so long.

    Perhaps the best way to describe So, You're Getting Married is to give you a quick peek at  what it contains.  Look at some of the chapter titles to understand just how valuable this resource will be as you prepare to walk down the aisle...

    • Are You Officially Engaged
    • The Proposal
    • The Ring
    • Getting Ready (Emotionally)
    • Getting Ready (Physically)
    • Who Is Paying?
    • Let's Talk Numbers--Budget
    • Wedding Planner or Do-it-yourself?
    • The Place--Outdoor or Indoor
    • The Dress
    • The Tuxedo
    • Guests You Pay
    • Your Reception
    • Etiquette Issues
    • Moving in and Adjustments

    That's just a sampling of what you get from 
    So, You're Getting Married. This new guide covers just about everything you'll need to think about in order to make your wedding the resounding success you deserve.

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    Again, congratulations on your decision to get married.  I know it will work out wonderfully and that you'll have the wedding you deserve.  With So, You're Getting Married on your side, it will be easy!

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    Steve Last

    P.S. Remember, these ebooks cover everything for your wedding from finding the right bridesmaid's dresses to handling "thank you's" to those who give you wedding gifts. With the additional eBooks on this subject and the Romantic Ideas eBook you wil become instant experts. It's top to bottom coverage, suitable for both guys and gals, of how to make your special day perfect, and for many years beyond - and at a truly amazing value price!

    P.P.S.  You have a full 30 days to get 100% of your money back if you are dissatisfied in any way!

    P.P.P.S.  My friends have told me I am crazy to sell at this low price, and I am going to have to raise the price soon.

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    Jane Mirren