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  • "Advantages to think of when considering a registry ofiice wedding" Maybe you have thought that perhaps you should have a registry office wedding? Some have asked themselves that question, have answered yes, and took action to do this. Relatively few people ever really take the time to think it through seriously. That's not you though is it? Your going to read this artilcle!

  • A Challenge to the Definition of Marriage This is a question that is on a lot of people’s mind recently, as gay and lesbian couples have been demanding the right to marry, if they choose. Marriage as...

  • A Venerable Tradition: The History of Marriage The history of marriage has its origins as least as far back as antiquity and evidence of marriage traditions and ceremonies have existed among people...

  • Hiring a live wedding orchestra can really make you wedding special, but how to find a wedding orchestra for your reception, is the question answered with our wedding orchestra list.

  • About the Journal Journal of Marriage and Family is a publication of the National Council on Family Relations. It has been in print for 60 years, and it is considered a leading research journal in...

  • All About Marriage Contracts A marriage contract is a legally-binding document between two people. The people involved can be either about to be married or may already be married to each other. If...

  • All About Traditional Wedding Vows By definition, a vow is a “solemn promise”. Traditional wedding vows, then are the set of solemn promises that each member of a married couple makes to the other on...

  • American Wedding Locations: Fabulous places to get married in the US. Unique wedding lcoation experiences San Francisco to Florida, New York to Las Vegas. We help you select your best wedding theme and location.

  • Ancient Roman Marriage We know that ancient Romans got married, but were ancient Roman marriages similar to how we view marriage today? Read on to learn more about this fascinating subject. Ancient...

  • Wedding packages abroad which are available at sensible affordable prices are growing but how do you select and arrange a booking for one? Read this!

  • If you're hosting a bridal shower, there are literally hundreds of bridal shower games to choose from. Some are silly, some are serious, but all are fun.

  • Bride Dolls. These ornamants can be given successfully to many brides who will just love to keep them after the wedding.

  • California Beach Weddings - Great wedding ideas for wonderful beach weddings.

  • Ever wish you could afford a Celebrity Wedding Dress? Celebrity style wedding dresses cost a lot don't they? Guess what! You can look star-fabulous and still keep it affordable. We've compiled a list...

  • Centerpieces for weddings - A centerpiece needs thought within the wedding plan. We discuss the issues.

  • Siena is simply magic: museums, good food, kind people...and you two would do well to become bride and groom for a wedding there We have some great destination wedding plans for you!

  • Choosing your Ring | What Wedding Rings mean: Guiding you through choosing a wedding ring which you will wear for a long while, is an important step. Promise rings, ring styles and materials.

  • Choosing Wedding Locations | Places to Get Married - Have you decided yet? We discuss the choice, and some of the difficulties in making the choice.

  • Choosing Your Diamond Ring | There is a wonderful selection of styles, ring settings, and metals available, and that's before you even think of the diamond. Practical guidance that helps.

  • Honeymoon packages|Honeymoon destinations|Honeymoon travel. Choosing Your Honeymoon Package in Romantic Locations Make sure you get the best romantic honeymoon package and the best deals by reading this article. We suggest some romanatic honeymoon destinations to look at as well.

  • While it is widely believed that living with someone for a few years is a marriage without paperwork, there are just a few common law marriage states. Find out more ...

  • Costa Rican Destination Weddings - If anything's more fun it is a destination marriage and many couples that need to experience a genuine tropical heaven can prepare for their marriage to happen in Costa Rica.

  • Choosing and Wearing Rings | Diamond Solitaire Rings - The Perfect Engagement Ring

  • The engagement party gemes for breaking the ice when families of the couple will get to know one another - many possibly for the first time.

  • Engravable wedding bands and how to use them to commemorate your wedding and the special sentiments between you and your partner.

  • Father of the Bride Toast - The toast given from the Father of the Bride is once in a lifetime and very special. Learn tips and suggestions for your wedding from this wedding article.

  • Relationships with Men in Marriage. Email thoughts from a 'So Youre Getting Married' eBook Purchaser, from the "Steps to Get Married" web site.

  • Some great thoughts for you, to assist you to give a great wedding speech for your bride an groom, not to mention what the guests are hoping for.

  • Fun Activities to Plan and Do: Engagement and wedding fun and activities

  • Fun Marriage Ideas for Your Children Whether it’s a first or second marriage, getting children involved with the wedding events and activities is a great way to create a valuable and memorable...

  • Fun Places to Get Married I Our selection of fun wedding locations. Great places to get married!

  • Pictures are an integral part of any wedding. Newlyweds are usually thrilled to get the result of their Fun Wedding Photo Ideas back from the photographer

  • Hints, ideas and feedback comments for those who will soon be getting married in Florida.

  • So You Are Getting Married. Steps to Get Married. Makes weddings successful wedding days. Wedding and marriage tips, downloads and articles.

  • The cost of a wedding should not influence getting married but finding out the cost of our wedding plans is one of the steps to get married that we all must take. In this article we describe average costs, what others have done, and low cost weddings.

  • Step 1. Find a partner that you love, enjoy the company of, and want to spend a lifetime living with. This is of vital importance because I know it seems obvious but in any article about this subject it is necessary to start at the beginning and this step is certainly vital for anyone asking "how to get married". Be sure that you do not overlook or by-pass this step, and the four others we give you in this article.

  • It’s not possible to just arrive in Vegas for a Las Vegas Wedding and expect to get married. When getting married, even in this fun-filled city, there are formalities that have to be observed. Wedding information.

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  • Marriage laws vary from state to state and sometimes even county to county within a state. Marriage laws can restrict the age of the man, woman or both; this page provides guidance...

  • So You Are Getting Married. Steps to Get Married. Makes weddings successful wedding days. Wedding and marriage tips, downloads and articles.

  • Marriage Proposal Ideas - All important ideas on how to pop the question. The first step to getting married.

  • Marriage Quiz: Looking for a fun marriage quiz? Here it is. 1. You just realized you falsely accused your spouse of leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Do you admit you were wrong: A. Within a minute...

  • Marriage quotes the where and how of it! Marriage quotes can describe the institution of marriage, or they can deal with the topic of love and romance in general. They are easy to find and have a...

  • A marriage contract deals with mostly financial and related issues and is a legally binding document. Includes ketubah ionformation.

  • Men's White Gold wedding bands and why they are so popular and such a classicwedding ring style choice.

  • Mexican Wedding Locations | Getting married in Mexico is a wonderful location for you special day and start to your marriage. Wedding package ideas and links for Latino weddings.

  • Information and articles all about organising your wedding.

  • Looking for a totally perfect location? If so look at the wineries in Paso Robles, California.These weddings are for all couples.

  • Orlando Beach Weddings | Our experience and choice of an Orlando wedding. After being tempted by a theme park wedding or a lovely Florida Church wedding, we opted for the beach.

  • The Partner Site Resources List Page | So You Are Getting Married. Steps to Get Married. Makes weddings successful wedding days. Wedding and marriage tips, downloads and articles.

  • Pentillie Castle and Estate weddings: A wedding in a natural backdrop featuring the lovely restored castle, and view of the creek and woddlands, with both the romance of the moors, and naval and marine connections. There is great scope to innovate yourselves and create a new and unique slant on the Pentillie Castle wedding experience.

  • Photojournalistic wedding photography|Photojournalistic wedding photographers are increasingly popular, visually capturing the countless precious moments of the special day.Their style and approach is natural and unobtrusive. The aim is to record the story of the day. Read more!

  • Place Card Holders: Discussed and recommendations given.

  • Places to Get Married - Have you decided yet? We give you some ideas. Give us your ideas and we will add them here. Or, do you run a wedding venue? Tell us about it and get publicity free.

  • There are wonderful places to get married in Barbados. Thinking of a Romantic Wedding Destination,? Then you could do a lot worse than checking out Inchcape Seaside Villas on the south coast of Barbados who have a great reputation for hosting weddings.

  • Our experience and choice of California weddings. After being tempted by Europe we decided on a California Wedding.

  • Places to get Married in California abound. Whether you seek Northern California Weddings or Sourthern California Weddings. These are the best places for many people to get Married. See this article for our experience and choice of some of the best paces to get married in California weddings.

  • Places to Get Married in Florida abound. Beach weddings in Florida can be an especially amazing experience. Beach weddings are very popular nowadays and never more so than in Florida with its ideal climate for the bathing. We provide information on the most popular wedding beaches, plus suggestions and ideas for great Florida marriage ceremonies.

  • Georgia is a great state to get married in. This scenic state resounds with the romance of jazz and the entertainment greats. A marriage destination for the sophisticated couple, it provides as a wide range of choices to match or better any other state. Read this page and discover our thoughts, suggestions and ideas for great Georgia weddings.

  • Jamiaca makes a wonderful wedding location with the many places to get married in Jamaica this article should help you to choose. Continue to find out more!

  • If you are looking for places to get married we would like to suggest that Jamaica may be your ideal wedding location. Check out this article for a description of one particular sun bathed wedding venue.

  • Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

  • Choosing your Ring - Promise Rings | What rings mean: Guiding you through choosing a ring which you will wear for a long while, is an important step. Promise rings, ring styles and materials.

  • World-wide suggestions to help you choose from the best romantic places to get married on the planet. Second of two articles.

  • World-wide suggestions to help you choose from the best romantic places to get married on the planet. First of two articles.

  • San Francisco Wedding Photography|Selecting a photographer for your wedding is one of your most important wedding planning tasks. Your wedding album will be a valued keepsake for years, ready to transport you back to the memorable events of your wedding day. Read this article!

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  • Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate. in Leicestershire, is a quintessential English Country house in a beautiful landscaped park. Which offers weddings of great style and character. Find out more here...

  • There many plusses to leaving your own backyard and going to one of the Best Places to Get Married. But which of the many wedding destinations should you choose. Read this...

  • The English Garden Wedding Theme is a wedding classic. We describe why the concept is such a perennial favourite with the bride, and groom and their families, and so much practised in the UK, with many families from around the world now travelling to the UK to get married in a beautiful flower-filled garden scene. So much so that it has become labelled as the "English Garden Wedding Theme".

  • How to arrange a wedding.

  • Marriage needs to be nurtured. If neglected it will wither and die for want of attention. This will happen in any relationship, no matter how legally binding it may be. Therse tips are important steps you can take to.

  • Choosing Your Unique Wedding Ring | There is a wonderful selection of styles, ring settings, and metals available, but have you considered engaing a craftsman designer for something completely unique? Practical ideas and guidance that helps. We hope!

  • United Kingdom wedding locations are some of the most uniquely romantic locations to be found anywhere in the world. What the UK lacks in climate is compensated for, in the bucket loads, in tradition and style. Take a look at these fabulous wedding settings.

  • 10 Ways to Date Your Spouse: A truly special date is one that you and your spouse are going to remember for years. When planning a special date, it is important to plan memorable activities to ensure...

  • Wedding Cake Toppers: Ideas and Suggestions that will make your wedding cake special.

  • Unique Wedding Gift Ideas | 5 Wedding Gift Ideas - a 'Steps to Get Married' Video we created specially for this web site. If not unique these ideas are original, and we also explain how to select other original ideas.

  • How do you select from the many Wedding Gown Choices the best one for you? Here is advice about selecting the best dress for your wedding. Wedding Dress Choices.

  • Your wedding gown is perhaps the most important item you'll purchase during your planning. But choosing the right dress involves much more than just deciding between white and ivory. So we've come up with a glossary of terms that will help you pick the perfect design.

  • Wedding Gown articles | Wedding dresses come in a wide range of materials and designs. The bride and groom to be will find a variety of articles in our wedding gowns articles section. Use this to select your wedding gown!

  • How do you make sure that your wedding gown makes you look like a Queen and not .. well, not something else!? You listen and watch your body. And I’ll tell you how to do that.

  • Wedding Ideas - helping the brideand groom to plan for the wedding day.

  • Wedding Photography|Photography is an important part of your wedding, visually capturing the countless precious moments of your special day. You'll treasure these photos for years to come, but how can you enjoy beautiful wedding photography and stay within your budget, and select the best phtographer?

  • Wedding Reception Ideas - Inspiration for your wedding reception - we hope!

  • Wedding Themes for Getting Married - Have you decided yet on your Wedding Theme? We give you some ideas. Give us your ideas and we will add them here. Or, do you run a wedding venue? Tell us about it and get publicity free.

  • Wedding Web Sites are worth considering when organising a wedding. Families and friend are geographically remote and the web site can provide the wedding information for all.

  • Weddings Green House Bournemouth - The award winning Green House is a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Bournemouth that lives and breathes sustainability. The hotel opened in April 2010 to rave reviews and in November 2010 was named ‘Small Hotel of the Year’ at the Bournemouth Tourism Awards.

  • Choosing and Wearing Rings | Why Choose a Titanium Wedding Ring?

  • Wedding Congratulations Cards Are the Preferred Gift for Most Couples. Unless You Have a Special Idea they are a better gift idea than risking giving a disappointing gift. We explian why this is a fact.

  • Writing your own marriage vows: Writing your own marriage vows may sound perfectly romantic when planning your wedding. You may picture yourself speaking eloquent words to your loved one while your...