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5 Fun Wedding Ideas for Children from a Previous Marriage on Your Wedding Day

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It’s time for some Fun Wedding Ideas for Children! When planning a wedding, it’s important to ensure that everyone feels included, especially children from previous marriages. Involving them in various activities, not only strengthens the bond but also creates unforgettable memories.

So, welcome to our article in the hope that one or more of these creative ways to include your kids in a unique way in your wedding celebration will work out for you.

Why Involve Your Children in Your Wedding Day?

A wedding reception girl smiling.Including children in wedding festivities fosters a sense of belonging. They get to witness the unity of two families firsthand, appreciate the significance of the union, and most importantly, have fun!

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind, but when you have children from a previous marriage, it’s essential to make sure they feel special and included. Here are some delightful and creative ways to ensure your children play an integral part in your big day, with some real-life anecdotes to inspire you:

Fun Marriage Ideas for the Bride and Groom’s Children

1. Special Roles in the Ceremony

Our fun wedding ideas for children start here!

– Serve as flower girl or ring bearer
– Walk with the bride or groom down the aisle
– Participate in a special child vow to honor their parent’s new partner.

Real-life example: The Unplanned Ring Bearer

When my best friend got married, her stepson was to be the ring bearer. But, as weddings go, the ring pillow was forgotten! He improvised by tucking the rings into his socks. When the moment arrived for him to hand over the rings the bride whispered; “Where are they?” With which, stepson leant down with great aplomb and put one hand in each sock declaring loudly,  “Don’t worry, I’ve got two feet for two rings!” After the ceremony, he proudly told everyone how he saved the wedding. We all had a good chuckle!

The young ring bearer.
The young ring bearer.

2. Decorating Duties

Children can channel their creativity by:
– Setting up flowers and decorations
– Adorning walls and tables with their chosen decorative pieces
– Assisting in seating arrangements

Real-life example: The Paper Plate Saga

My niece insisted on helping with decorations for her dad’s wedding. Given a stack of paper plates and markers, she and her friends created “custom” art plates for every guest. The end result? Every guest was greeted with a hand-drawn portrait of themselves. It was hilariously inaccurate, very unflattering for some, and absolutely unforgettable. Some guests have kept their plates to this day!

Fun Wedding Ideas for Children: A young child decorates paper plates for each guest at a wedding reception.

3. Managing the Guest Station

Tasks can include:
– Getting guests to sign the guest book
– Passing out wedding favors
– Stationing at the gifts table and ensuring everything is organized.

Tip: Consider having them note down who gifted what for acknowledgement later.

Real-life example: The Candy Caper

My cousin’s son was in charge of the wedding favors: bags of rather lovely hand-crafted candies.

Except he didn’t subscribe to the notion that he would simply hand them out. He did it with such good humor that by the end of the night, he’d bartered his way to a bunch of goodies from a handful of candies to an old watch, and even a $5 bill! Later he proudly told the bride, “I think I’ve got this business thing down!”

Fun Wedding Ideas for Children: Young boy hands out wedding favors at the reception.

4. Hosting and Entertainment

– Greet guests upon arrival
– Be part of toast celebrations or candle-lighting ceremonies
– Help organize children’s games with special prizes for all to enjoy

Real-life example: The Tiny Toastmaster

For my wedding, my stepdaughter wanted to give a toast. Where she got her ideas from we can’t quite be sure. We expected a cute, short speech. Instead, she roasted every close family member with mock criticism and light-hearted jokes and ended by saying, “Let’s raise our juice boxes to love and laughter!”  It was totally unexpected and quite divine. The room erupted in cheers.

The young girl who gave a toast
The young girl who gave a toast

5. Creative Corners

If you’re expecting many young guests, setting up special sections can be a hit:
– Arts and crafts area
– Games area
– Children’s-only table with special drinks and party games.

Real-life example: The Crafty Wedding

An acquaintance set up an arts and crafts corner during her wedding reception. Kids made friendship bracelets. Later, a tiny guest approached her, gifting her a bracelet saying, “So you remember us even when you’re married!” It’s still her favorite wedding keepsake.

Fun Wedding Ideas for Children: A girl gives bride bracelet at wedding-reception.
The girl who gave the bride a bracelet at the wedding reception.

Additional Tips for Involving Children in the Wedding

Dress Code: Have the children dress formally for the event to make them feel more involved.

Special Vows: Help children develop a script or a short poem for the ceremony. This allows them to express their feelings and get comfortable with the new family dynamics.

Invite Their Friends: Allowing them to invite a few of their friends ensures they have familiar faces around and lessens the chances of them feeling out of place.

Supervision: Consider hiring a caretaker or babysitter, especially if there are many children. This helps in guiding them through activities and ensuring everyone is safe and happy.

Concluding this Article on Fun Wedding Ideas for Children of Previous Marriages

Incorporating children into your wedding ceremonies and activities can be both fun and meaningful. It not only enhances the joy of the occasion but also signifies the coming together of two families.

By including children from a previous marriage, you ensure that the day is memorable for everyone involved.

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